About Nepal

Nepal is a developing country that offers opportunities in a broad range of sectors with considerable growth potential. Nepali export commodities mainly include clothing, pulses, carpets, textiles, juice, jute goods. Nepal also has considerable scope for exploiting its potential in hydropower, with an estimated 42,000 MW of commercially feasible capacity. Nepal is known for its tourism industry, millions of tourists visit Nepal every year. To learn more about Nepal, visit welcomenepal.com.

Nepal Exhibition and Trade show is a platform for small and medium-sized business and entrepreneurs and investors alike.The main purpose of Nepal Exhibition and International Trade Show is to start and encourage dialogue among all stakeholders from different areas of a market by creating a platform to showcase products and offerings of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from all over the globe, especially Nepal. Our initiative strategically aligns with Nepal Trade Preferences Bill. Our goals are long term and bilateral as such a trade that is mutually beneficial to consumers in the U.S., suppliers in Nepal vice versa.



Culture, Temples, Shrines and Durbar Square



Backpacking, Paragliding, Lakes, Yoga, Temples



Safaris, Tigers, Elephants, Parks, Rhinoceros



Backpacking, Hiking, Mountains, Walking, Buddhism



Temples, Pottery, Culture, Art and History



Temple, Zoo, Yoga, Buddhism and Durbar Square

Map of Nepal

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, South Asian sovereign state, is a landlocked by India on the east, west and south, and, China on the North.

Official Language: Nepali
Capital: Kathmandu
Present Prime minister: Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli
Present President: Bidhya Devi Bhandari
Population: Approximately 30 Million
Currency: Nepalese Rupee
Religion: Majority: Hindu (more than 80%), Buddhists Muslims and others less than 20%
Peoples and Languages: More than 115 ethnicities and more than 70 spoken languages
Climate: Depends and Differs from North to South, Coldest to Hottest
Best Tour Time for Tourists: Winter.

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